Protectie Totala - Insecticid, Fungicid, Acaricid 200 ml
Protectie Totala - Insecticid, Fungicid, Acaricid 200 ml

Total Protection - Insecticide, Fungicide, Acaricide

25,00 lei

Total protection for your plants. Through its triple action of insecticide, fungicide and acaricide, this product guarantees the health of your plants.
Perfect Plant protects plants from diseases, including black spot, oidium, downy mildew, and others. As it destroys all types of plant fleas, leaf lice, whitefly, thrips, caterpillars, red spider.

Method of application and precautions:

Do NOT apply to plants with pubescent leaves or plants with known sensitive foliage.
Do NOT apply to plant flowers.
Before and after application, the plants will not be exposed to the sun/strong light.
Spray finely, from a distance of approximately 40 cm. Excessive application can irreparably damage the plants, causing burns.
It will only be used in well-ventilated spaces, using specific protective equipment.
Read the complete instructions and warnings on the packaging before use.

Weight: 200 ml

200 ml
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