Terms of service

Commercial terms and conditions

(Contract for the purchase of products through www.secretgarden.ro)

1. Merchant identification and definition of terms

The secretgarden.ro service is offered by S.C. Best Florist S.R.L.

contact date:



Correspondence address: Str. Road Radulescu no. 54 - ground floor (commercial space), sector 4, Bucharest 

CUI RO34558835


Share capital: 220 lei

1.1. Definitions

Site / Platform / Seller- The secretgarden.ro domain and its subdomains (with the exception of subdomains that have their own regulations).

Contenthas the following definition:

- all the information on Site / Platform that can be visited, viewed or otherwise accessed through the use of electronic equipment;

- the content of any e-mail sent by secretgarden.ro by electronic means and/or any other available means of communication;

Service - The e-commerce service conducted exclusively on the publicly available portions of the SITE, in the sense of giving the CLIENT the possibility to contract products and/or services using exclusively electronic means, including other means of remote communication.

User / Customer / Buyer - The person who has or obtains access to The content www.secretgarden.ro

Order / Purchase request - An electronic document that intervenes as a form of communication between Seller (secretgarden.ro) and Buyer (User/Client) through which the Buyer transmits to the Seller, through the Website, his intention to purchase goods and/or services from the Platform. Sending an order on www.secretgarden.ro is equivalent to sending a purchase request.

Confirm Order Received - email confirming the receipt of a purchase request, which, however, does not implicitly confirm the acceptance of the order/purchase request and does not generate contractual obligations for Best Florist SRL (secretgarden.ro).

Document contractual - This document, Commercial Terms and Conditions.

Distance contract - According to the definition included in the GEO. 34 of June 4, 2014 regarding the rights of consumers within the contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for the modification and completion of some normative acts art. 2 point 7, as it transposed Directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights: any contract concluded between a professional and a consumer within an organized distance sales or service provision system, without the simultaneous physical presence of the professional and the consumer , with the exclusive use of one or more means of remote communication, up to and including when the contract is concluded;

Transaction - Collection or reimbursement of an amount resulting from the sending of a purchase request by a customer or the sale of a product / service by secretgarden.ro to the Customer, by using the services of the card processor approved by secretgarden.ro or by bank transfer, regardless of the method of delivery.

Newsletter/Alert/Commercial Communication - Means of periodic information, on the products, services and/or promotions carried out by secretgarden.ro in a certain period, without any commitment on the part of secretgarden.ro with reference to the information contained therein. They may contain general and/or thematic information, information on similar or complementary products to those you have purchased/viewed, information on offers or promotions, information on Goods and Services added to the "My Account/Cart" section ”, as well as other commercial communications, such as market research and/or opinion polls. In isolated cases, the information provided may be erroneous.

1.2. General

This document establishes the terms and conditions of use of the Site/Content/Service by the User or Client. Please read this document carefully to prevent possible unwanted/unpleasant consequences on the shopping experience and/or the information provided to Best Florist SRL through the secretgarden.ro service.

The use of the Secretgarden.ro Content and/or Service implies acceptance of this document by the Customer. The customer undertakes to constantly monitor the commercial terms and conditions, because they can be updated, modified and completed. In case of misunderstandings, the commercial Terms and Conditions valid at the time of sending the order shall apply.

By using the Site/Content/Service, the User/Client is solely responsible for all activities arising from his actions. Also, he is responsible for any material, intellectual or electronic damages or any other kind caused to the Site, the Content, the secretgarden.ro Service or any third party with whom Best Florist SRL has concluded contracts, in accordance with the Romanian legislation in force.

If the Client revokes his consent expressed in favor of the Document during the execution of an Order, Best Florist SRL will cancel his Order without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages to the other. The customer can revoke the agreement by written request, sent by email.

1.3. About secretgarden.ro and the products sold

secretgarden.ro is an electronic commerce service / online commerce / via the Internet. Access to the service and purchase of products is made exclusively on the basis of orders (purchase requests) received through the site, and to send an order it is necessary to register.

The products sold by BEST FLORIST S.R.L. through the secretgarden.ro platform are:

- New products such as: decorative pots, baskets, etc

- Handicraft products, perishable or not, made or not according to the specifications requested by the consumer, personalized or non-personalized: arrangements obtained by manual processing of flowers or plants, packaging and other specific materials; mixtures of materials intended for planting or caring for plants; etc.

- Products taken in the finished product stage from various suppliers, perishable or not: live plants, fertilizers, etc.

2. Contact and communication with clients

Any official communication from the User will be done by email or through the contact form available on the website. If the email address provided by the User is not valid, we cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by the impossibility of communication (for example impossibility of delivery, damage to perishable products reserved, etc.).

By communicating by e-mail or using the contact form, the User accepts to be contacted by any means available, by Best Florist SRL (without there being an obligation on the part of the company in this regard), understanding that by completing the information regarding his contact details, such as name, surname, e-mail address, no. by telephone, etc., these data will be processed and highlighted in the database for the purpose of improving commercial relations, respectively for the purpose of the good development of the economic and commercial activity of secretgarden.ro.

Partially or fully completing the contact form and sending it does not in any way represent a commitment on the part of secretgarden.ro to contact the User.

Contacting secretgarden.ro by e-mail does not in any way represent a commitment on the part of secretgarden.ro to contact the User.

Contacting secretgarden.ro through any other contact method does not represent an obligation for secretgarden.ro

When contacting secretgarden.ro, the User expressly declares that the provided contact data belong to him (email address, telephone number, delivery address) and that they can be used by secretgarden.ro for efficient communication with the User.

Communications with Users by any other means - such as but not limited to phone calls, messaging systems (for example facebook, whatsapp, SMS, etc.) - have a strictly advisory and/or orientation role, without generating any of obligations or legal liability for secretgarden.ro. 

2.1. Newsletters and alerts

Users have the possibility to set stock or price alerts, or subscribe to the newsletter and commercial communications from secretgarden.ro. These settings and subscriptions can be canceled/revoked at any time from the customer account or by notification sent by email to comenzi@secretgarden.ro

Requests for alerts or newsletters from Users, no matter by what means they were sent (from the customer account, through the special boxes dedicated to subscribers, etc.), do not constitute any kind of obligation on secretgarden.ro 

3. Intellectual Property

The content and design of www.secretgarden.ro belong to SC Best Florist SRL and/or its collaborators and are protected by intellectual property legislation. You may not use, reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce the secretgarden.ro materials without having a prior written permission from SC Best Florist SRL.

The "Secret Garden" trademark is registered and protected on the territory of Romania.

The limited, irrevocable and non-exclusive creation of hyperlinks to any of the secretgarden.ro pages is allowed, as long as this action does not present the secretgarden.ro service in a false, misleading, derogatory or offensive light.

For any problems related to intellectual property, please contact us at comenzi@secretgarden.ro.

4. Personal data / Privacy policy

By registering as a user of www.secretgarden.ro, we will ask you for a series of personal data, such as your name and surname, e-mail address, but also other personal information, which will allow you to be identified as a user of the service www. secretgarden.ro and order processing. Also, to subscribe to the www.secretgarden.ro newsletter or alerts, you will need to provide us with a valid e-mail address and/or other data. 

According to the Law, you benefit from the right of access, intervention on the data and the right to go to court. At the same time, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning you and to request their deletion - but the data strictly necessary for the processing of ongoing orders and payments cannot be deleted, except after the conclusion of commercial reports (delivery of orders and collection of payments).  If some of your data is incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible, because this situation could make it impossible to process and/or deliver orders. Deleting or modifying your personal data can be done by accessing your user account. Upon your express request sent by e-mail to comenzi@secretgarden.ro, SC Best Florist SRL can delete or modify your data.

More information about how we manage your data is available in the "Payment options" section https://secretgarden.ro/policies/privacy-policy - an integral part of this document.

5. Registration as a user

The secretgarden.ro site can be accessed free of charge, and simple browsing of its pages is not conditioned by user registration (creating an account on the site). However, in order to benefit from certain services offered by the site, such as the purchase of products offered by it, you will have to register as a user (create a user account on the site). 

Registering as a user or sending an order (intention to purchase) as a user, implies acceptance of this document (Commercial Terms and Conditions) and its annexes:

These pages regulate commercial aspects, inform the user/consumer and are considered contractual annexes. 

Since the provisions of the commercial terms and conditions can be modified, please re-read this document periodically. If you no longer agree with the provisions of this document, please stop accessing/using the services of secretgarden.ro. 

If you use this site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the access data in the user account created on the site and you agree to assume responsibility for all activities performed in the user account.

The secretgarden.ro website does not sell products to minors under 18 (eighteen) years of age - if you are not this age, please do not generate online orders on the website.

5.1. Limiting access and restricting users

secretgarden.ro reserves the right to limit the customer's access to certain products and services or marketing/promotions/loyalty campaigns, but also the right to request payment of orders in advance (regardless of the payment method chosen by the customer when placing the order), in any of the following situations:

  • the customer refused one or more packages sent in the payment on delivery system
  • the customer has canceled 2 or more orders, regardless of the means or reasons for cancellation
  • the client used aggressive and/or tendentious/offensive language and/or behavior
  • the client has harmed in any way, or, the existence and/or access of the client harms secretgarden.ro, Best Florist SRL and/or its partners in any way.

Limitation of access is done in the context of the legislation in force.

5.2. Multiple accounts

Each User can have only one account. Sharing an account with other Users is prohibited. The use of several accounts by the same user or the sharing of an account can be interpreted as an attempt to evade with the aim of prejudicing www.secretgarden.ro, the company Best Florist SRL and/or its partners.

6. The procedure for buying and reserving products by ordering online

The online order represents a purchase request. The notification received by the user by email and/or message/SMS after placing an online order is informative and does not represent acceptance of the order.

Reservation of products finished in stock. The products can be reserved by online order for a maximum of 72 hours (3 working days) after placing the order by the user. If the shipment or pick-up of the order from the store cannot be done within this period due to reasons related to the client's unavailability to receive the package, the order can be canceled without any further obligation for Best Florist SRL, and the plants will be put back in stock. 

Phytosanitary preparations (treatments, nutrients, substrates), will be prepared to order within 1-7 days, depending on the availability of the ingredients.

Products available to order they will be brought within the term specified on the product page, if they are found in the supplier's stock.

If we accept, at the customer's request, the reservation of perishable products (plants, phytosanitary preparations, etc..) for a period longer than 72 hours (3 working days), the user bears the risk and consequences due to possible damage.

Form of communication. By placing an electronic order on www.secretgarden.ro, you agree to the "e-mail" form of communication through which the site conducts its operations.

Payment is made under the conditions regulated in the chapter "Payment methods", and the final cost of the order will be composed of: the price of the ordered product including VAT (if applicable), the delivery price, to which are added the costs of the ordered accessories. In certain situations, you will be contacted to inform you of additional shipping costs due to weight or special packaging, if they exist. The payment methods are presented in the appendix "Delivery Options and Conditions" - https://secretgarden.ro/policies/shipping-policy

The order generated online on the website is considered confirmed only at the time of shipment. If the products are no longer available for various reasons (damaged stock, stock differences, quality problems, etc.), the products will be removed from the order, the products replaced (with the user's consent) or the order canceled. If the order has been paid, we will return the money to the bank account, within the legal term of 14 days.

Data of the Recipient. When you fill in the recipient's data, make sure that they are complete and correct - otherwise, we will be put in the situation of not having the necessary means to honor the order: the products may end up staying at the courier for longer than necessary, in unsuitable long-term conditions or they will not be able to be shipped. 

Billing Data. According to the legal regulations by ORDER no. 3769 of December 23, 2015, starting with October 1, 2016, all invoices must contain the identification data of the user (the person placing the order) - thus the user is obliged to complete all the mandatory fields on the order page, having the option to tick if he wants the data delivery to be taken as billing data.

These data are also useful in the event of delivery problems - e.g. the recipient does not answer the phone, access to the address is restricted, etc.

Erroneous data and the impossibility of contacting the user for clarification. We cannot assume responsibility for problems/confusions that occur during the processing of the order, or deficiencies caused by the delay in the delivery of the orders, when they are caused by the lack of data or erroneous data.

To buy and take possession of the products offered for sale on www.secretgarden.ro, it is necessary to go through the following steps:

- product identification and selection

- your registration as a user of www.secretgarden.ro for the purpose of ordering products or ordering products as a visitor

- paying for the products or selecting the promise of payment on delivery

By placing an electronic order (purchase request) on www.secretgarden.ro, you agree to the "e-mail" form of communication through which the website operates.

6.1 Cancellation of orders

Ridiculous price and technical errors. Secretgarden.ro reserves the right to cancel orders regarding products and/or services displayed on the site as a result of technical errors or which, due to technical errors, present obviously erroneous/ridiculous prices. 

Uncompleted/unconfirmed payments. Orders with incomplete or unconfirmed payment are automatically canceled without reserving the products and without secretgarden.ro contacting the customers.

Orders with delivery in other EU countries - if the payment was not made in advance, they will not be processed and will be cancelled.

Out of stock. Damaged stock, stock differences, quality problems leading to the unavailability of products, the unavailability of products brought to order, the impossibility of making certain products that involve the processing of flowers, etc. - in these situations the orders will be cancelled.

Suspicion of fraud. secretgarden.ro uses advanced algorithms to determine if an order is or could be fraudulent. If our systems detect such suspicion, orders can be canceled automatically.

7. Payment methods - the information is available and updated in the "Payment options" section - https://secretgarden.ro/pages/payment-options, an integral part of this document.

8. Presentation of the offer and the characteristics of the products.

Generalities. secretgarden.ro makes permanent efforts to maintain the accuracy of the information on the platform. Rarely, they may contain inaccuracies or operating errors - changes may be made to prices, data and published content at any time, without prior notice. 

Plant stage. It is an informational characteristic, intended to create an image of the state of the plant. For example, the notion of "flowering plant" refers to the fact that the plant is in bloom, but it can be at any moment of flowering - with or without buds, fully open flowers, etc. and also, in the case of transport by courier or a delayed pickup from the store, it may remain completely without flowers. Characteristics such as "Plant with stem/flowers/buds" represent an enumeration in which one of the specifications applies, not an accumulation of specifications. A flower stem is still a flower stem, regardless of size.

The characteristic "Initiated stem" is intended to signal the fact that the plant has a flower stem, at any stage - from a growth of a few mm to the plant with flowers. 

Plants for the garden or terrace are grown in unprotected spaces or with minimal protection (shading nets or anti-hail nets). For this reason, naturally, they cannot have perfect foliage - the leaves can show traces, defects or other damages.

The size and general appearance of the plants. The height of the plants is measured with pots. Because plants are natural, each specimen is different, both in form and development. The dimensions specified on the product page are indicative, and the information must be treated as such, strictly informative and relative. Example:

- between two plants from the same lot with the "height 60cm" specification, there can be a difference of 10 cm or more.

- between a plant with flowers and a plant without flowers, the difference in height can be 40 cm or more, the height being sometimes given by the flower stem

The diameter of the pot - it is information taken from the manufacturer, with an informative and relative title. There may be differences depending on the origin of the plants, the horticultural and production standards of the country of origin, the conversion method (eg from inches to cm), etc. 

The photos are informative, presentational, and may contain accessories not included in standard packages or they can be made in their own locations, in greenhouses (with grow lights that can distort the image), or provided by the producers, edited by them or not. Other aspects that can generate differences between images and reality: the stage of plants and inflorescences at the time of photography, color variations specific to hybrids, the same variety grown in greenhouses and under different conditions. The light in which the pictures are taken and the camera used + the device used by the user influence the perception of colors.

Color variations of flowers and leaves. Both hybrids and species can show more or less significant color/shade variations, which occur naturally and cannot be controlled by the manufacturer or retailer. Sometimes, in the case of hybrids, the flowers can be completely different, even if the plants have the same parental formula. The general appearance of the plants may be different depending on the season, growth stages and/or other particularities. The flowers and leaves can also show differences in shade/color depending on the season, the fertilizer used, the pH of the soil, growing conditions, manufacturer, etc. 

The perfume of flowers. The perfume of species and hybrids manifests itself in certain conditions, and the perception of each person can be different. In stressful conditions (transportation, moving, handling, etc.), it is possible that the flowers of the plants do not present the specific fragrance. For certain species, there are certain triggering factors (e.g. in Phalaenopsis the presence of the sun's rays in the morning). The data about the fragrance of the flowers comes from the producers and/or the community (eg groups of plant lovers). This information is informative and does not represent a guarantee.

Root condition. Although we make efforts to check the plants as best as possible, the state of the root system cannot be checked by us - a possible check would mean extracting the plants from the pots, but this procedure implies a significant destabilization of the plants before transport on the one hand, but also a very high operational cost.

Tropical/exotic plants they are not produced in Romania - they come from suppliers in other European countries (e.g. Holland, Germany) or even distant exotic countries (e.g. Taiwan, Thailand). During transport, they experience various stress factors - such as differences in temperature and humidity, moving/packing, phytosanitary inspections, etc. -  which can affect them from an aesthetic point of view to a certain extent, without influencing their viability. Because plants are natural, each specimen is different, both in form and development.

Phytosanitary treatments. Frequently, there will be residual traces (spots of various colors) on the leaves due to phytosanitary treatments, but these can be washed with water or special products for plants. In very rare cases, some sensitive varieties may show minor burns or slight traces of toxicity following phytosanitary treatments.

Traces of pests. Plants do not grow and do not live in a sterile environment. All farms and breeders face pests, and this situation is normal and predictable - as long as pests exist in nature, contamination is very easy: pests can be carried by the wind, on clothes, on hands, they can penetrate through areas of ventilation, etc. It is important to note that the plants are treated both preventively and in case pests are observed - complex treatment schemes are used, which even give the plants immunity for a certain time. Before leaving the greenhouses, the plants are checked by the authorities, declared "pest free" and fit for sale, according to the horticultural standards in force. The fact that there are traces of pests cannot be equivalent to the existence of pests.

Transport pots and their contents. The plants sold on the www.secretgarden.ro platform are delivered as they come from the producers - the pot can be undersized for transport efficiency reasons, or it can contain materials that ensure long-term water retention, so that the plant survives during transport international. Sometimes the pots can end up cracked or damaged, and the substrate can be degraded. Sometimes, in the substrate or on the plants, you can find millipedes, spiders or other creatures harmless to humans, used by producers in order to biologically control (without chemicals) pest populations (for example, the spiders used are harmless to plants and humans, but they feed on populations of red spiders and mites harmful to plants; millipedes are predators of worms and other harmful insects).

The substrate and culture modality it differs depending on the manufacturer and the growing method, and different materials used as substrate or support in plant culture have different properties - after receiving the plants, it is the customer's responsibility to check if the substrate is in good condition and if it is compatible with the microclimate in which it will grow plants and watering habits, replacing it if necessary. Plant adaptation can be much easier when these factors are taken into account.

Plant care. After the moment of purchase, the responsibility of taking care of the plants rests with the customer. Considering the fact that plants are living, perishable products (not susceptible to rapid deterioration), each client has the responsibility (including moral) to document himself and to provide them with the necessary microclimate for survival and harmonious development. Basic information about plant care is available on the manufacturer's labels (represented by symbols) and, as far as documentation is possible, on the product page and on our blog.

Identification of plants. Plant identifications come from renowned producers from all over the world and are considered correct, being verified by us within the limits of operational possibilities and the availability of credible information sources. Sometimes plants may have unregistered names, or their identity cannot be accurately confirmed. In rare cases, labeling errors are discovered (especially in the case of plants without flowers) or producers use commercial names to better promote certain varieties. When a possible error is discovered, we check and update the information, if confirmed, in the shortest possible time, from an operational point of view. We cannot be held responsible for labeling errors by manufacturers, as we have no control over this process.

Plants without ID. Rarely, we receive plants without identification from producers. In such cases, when possible, plants are identified with the help of the community and with the help of online resources.

Hidden defects. Although we make efforts to inspect the plants as best as possible and we work with some of the best producers in the world, sometimes there can be hidden defects, such as: the presence of pests visible only under a microscope, the presence of pests in the substrate or in unopened flowers, etc. A normal general appearance, specific to the species or hybrid, taking into account all the specifications of point 7.1 of this document (Commercial Terms and Conditions), is considered satisfactory. 

This terminal Phalaenopsis. Some specimens, or in the case of certain hybrids all specimens, may have terminal stems. The terminal stem does not represent a quality problem and no distinction is made between specimens with a terminal stem and those without, the plants being in both situations compliant with international horticultural standards. You can find more details about terminal stems here: Phalaenopsis terminal stem

Plant Passport. Starting from January 2020, all plants imported from EU member countries have a Plant Passport with a unique registration number on the label, on the pot, on the packaging film, or on the box (if they are without a pot) - Plant Passport is the certification that certifies the fact that the plants have been checked by the competent authorities in the European Union and fully correspond to the horticultural standards in force, being suitable for sale on the territory of the EU. 

Phytosanitary Certificate. Plants imported from outside the EU are inspected upon entry into the EU - the inspection involves a detailed physical check of the plants and the treatment scheme applied in the exporting country, as well as the documentation certifying that the plants come from authorized breeders.

Complaints/reports - procedure, rights and obligations - https://secretgarden.ro/policies/refund-policy, an integral part of this document.

9. Prices and product availability

The prices and stocks presented are constantly updated, but during this process there may be operating errors or errors in the algorithms used by the platform - orders containing products with zero or ridiculous prices will not be honored. The products we sell are perishable, and your order can be affected by various factors such as: delays in the supply flow, existing stocks for which damage is detected, errors in the IT systems used by SC Best Florist SRL, human errors, accidents, etc. . In such cases, SC Best Florist SRL is exempt from any liability. For paid orders, the related amounts will be returned as soon as possible, respecting the legal deadline.

SC Best Florist SRL negotiates with suppliers and producers from all over the world, the best prices. SC Best Florist SRL is a direct importer - this way any additions that could be claimed by intermediaries are eliminated and there is a guarantee of quality/freshness.

With the exception of cases where it is provided otherwise, the prices of the products displayed on www.secretgarden.ro represent the final purchase prices and include the related VAT/VAT, depending on the country of destination and the taxation regime of the products. The final purchase prices can be prices suggested by manufacturers or suppliers or can be estimated according to the standard prices practicable at the industry level of the marketed product. The final purchase prices may not represent the most competitive prices on a certain product segment or for a certain period, SC Best Florist SRL having no obligation in this regard.

Best Florist SRL establishes its own price policy, independent of any external factors. The prices of some products can be negotiated in certain circumstances, such as large quantities/volumes, above-average values, etc.

Commercial discounts applied to products - SC Best Florist SRL may decide to offer its customers commercial discounts through special coupons, vouchers, directly reduced prices on the website or other means. 

10. Payment methods are available and updated in the Payment Options section - https://secretgarden.ro/pages/payment-options, an integral part of this document.

11. Delivery/collection of ordered products 

12. Risks associated with courier delivery and product packaging

The packaging of live plants (and related accessories) is not a standardized procedure, as in the case of other products (electronics, household appliances, etc.). Plants are live, perishable products, which we pack at your request, trying to protect them as best as we can, so that they reach their destination in the best possible conditions - but the state in which they arrive can be influenced by many factors that we cannot control them, such as: large temperature variations, the way the couriers handle the package or other incidents. Although such situations occur quite rarely, due to these factors, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the plants following transport by standard courier services.

In the case of shipping flowering plants, the flower stalks/inflorescences are susceptible to damage during transport or during packaging/handling. Although such situations occur quite rarely, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the flower stems/inflorescences following transport by courier.

In the case of plants with generous foliage - it is expected that some damages will occur during packaging, handling or transport by courier - such damages are not of a nature to affect the viability of the plants and are considered acceptable, in the context in which plants with foliage generally present rapid growth.

In the case of ceramic, glass or brittle dishes, there is a risk of breakage during transport.

13. Refusal/cancellation of the order by the user after sending the package

Please keep in mind that plants are perishable products - for this reason, they are packed only at your express request, expressed by generating an online order with delivery services.

When you create an order with delivery, you assume that you will do everything possible to receive the plants in the shortest possible time, safely. For this purpose, you will track the package using the AWB number (tracking number) provided in the email confirming the shipment, you will contact the courier in good time by phone and email, you will maintain constant contact with us in order to resolve any situation that may affect the delivery time delivery. 

In the event that you do not take all steps to deliver your package in a timely manner, and the package remains blocked in warehouses or is returned to us with fully or partially damaged contents, we will proceed to return the amount paid only for the products that we have received back in good condition. The value of services already provided (such as transport) or the value of damaged products (dried, frozen, torn, broken) will not be returned.

For orders with payment on delivery, refused without a valid reason by the recipient, Best Florist SRL will pursue by any means the recovery of the damage caused - from the cost of transport, up to the entire value of the order, when the products are returned by the courier damaged .

14. Billing - invoices are generated exclusively in electronic format and will not be included in the package in print form. They can be downloaded from the email announcing the dispatch of the order, and their correctness depends on the data you enter.

In some cases, errors may occur when generating the invoice - technical errors, human errors or errors generated by data that you have entered incorrectly or by the lack thereof - If you do not find the download link in the email announcing the shipment of the package, you please contact us reporting this situation, so that we can issue/send the invoice in due time.

15. Applicable legislation, right of return, complaints and notices - are detailed on the page "Complaints/reports - procedure, rights and obligations" - https://secretgarden.ro/policies/refund-policy - integral part of this document.

16. Reviews, comments, communications and other types of content
Users may post reviews, comments or other types of content; I can send suggestions, ideas, ask questions, propose articles or other types of materials, as long as their content:
- it is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not violate the right to privacy or the law regarding the protection of intellectual property;
- does not contain computer viruses, commercial, political communications, which incite hatred or intolerance on ethnic, religious, racial, sexual orientation grounds, collective messages or other forms of "spam".
In order to post reviews, comments, communications and other types of content, both on www.secretgarden.ro and on other pages presenting the company and its services, you cannot use e-mail addresses or false identities. www.secretgarden.ro reserves the right, but does not have the obligation to remove or edit all types of content posted by users and does not have the obligation to review this content periodically. With the posting of reviews, comments, communications and other types of content on www.secretgarden.ro, you transfer (except in cases where SC Best Florist SRL indicates otherwise) the intellectual property rights, in a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable way, over the materials posted. The company has the right to modify, reproduce, transmit, adapt, publish, distribute the materials posted by users, through any means of communication, from any country. By posting reviews, comments, communications and other types of content on www.secretgarden.ro, you give SC Best Florist SRL the right to use your name in relation to the posted materials; guarantee that you own or otherwise control the intellectual property right over the materials you post, that the posted materials do not violate any of the posting conditions of reviews, comments, communications and other forms of content from users, of www.secretgarden .com
www.secretgarden.ro has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor, edit or delete any type of content or user activities on the site. www.secretgarden.ro is not responsible and does not assume responsibility for any of the materials posted by other third parties on the site. www.secretgarden.ro has the right not to publish all comments and articles proposed by users.

17. Force majeure
www.secretgarden.ro, affiliates and/or in general the suppliers of products or services to www.secretgarden.ro cannot be held responsible for any delay or error resulting directly or indirectly from causes that do not depend on the will of www.secretgarden.ro. This exemption includes, but is not limited to: errors in the operation of the technical equipment at www.secretgarden.ro, the failure of the internet connection, the failure of telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to www.secretgarden.ro systems, errors of operation, as well as the cases of force majeure stipulated by the legislation in force.