Laser 240 SC - insecticid biologic

Laser 240 SC - biological insecticide (Thrips)

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Weight: 4 ml

4 ml
Full description and specifications

Laser™ 240 SC - biological insecticide with a shock effect, with contact and ingestion action, intended to combat pests. It also has an ovicidal effect in the case of certain species.

Laser™ 240 SC penetrates the leaf blade and has translaminar activity. It has a new mechanism of action, unique in the world, different from all chemical or biological insecticides: it acts on the nervous system of insects, causing their paralysis. As such, the pests stop moving, stop feeding and die.

Laser is also allowed in biological crops. The active substance, Spinosad, does not generate forms of resistance, and is considered the safest. Phytotoxicity phenomena have not been reported in any crop around the world. Natural predators that feed on the treated insects are not affected.

Laser™ 240 SC has the efficacy of chemically synthesized insecticide (it has similar efficacy to pyrethroids and superior to organophosphorus and other chemically synthesized insecticides), but it is harmless to the environment and humans as it is a biological product (fermentation product of a soil bacterium: Saccharopolyspora Spinosae).

Pests for which it was approved in Romania: Thrips (Frakliniella occidentalis), Thrips (Thrips tabaci), Mine fly (Liriomyza trifolii), Cherry fly (Rhagoletis cerasi), Plum worm (Cydia funebrana), Stone wasp (Eurytoma schreinerii), Beetle from Colorado (Leptinotarsa ​​decemlineata), Marbled miner (Phyllonorycter blancardella, P. corylifoliella), Apple worm ( Cydia pomonella ), Grape vine moth (Lobesia botrana), Cabbage moth (Plutella maculipenis).

Dilution: 4 ml in 8 L of water. It can be combined with other substances.