Q&A - Questions and answers

Are the plants and products listed on the website also available in the store?

In our store in Bucharest you will find only a selection of plants and accessories. Most of the plants are in the greenhouse, where the conditions for development are much better.

Before visiting the store to purchase a product, we recommend that you place an online order with store pickup.

How can I order?

Orders can only be made online on the website, and to send an order online, you need to register. We cannot accept orders received by phone, email, chat, Facebook (or other social networks), etc.

Is there a minimum order value?

Our shop does not impose a minimum order value , but for certain services, such as free packaging and shipping by courier, it is necessary that the total number of products in the basket exceed a certain value. For orders that cannot be delivered by courier, there is a free pick-up option from the store .

Can I change an order? Can I add products?

Orders can be modified if they are not already in the packing area, packed or handed over to the courier for delivery.

If you want to add new products to an existing order, please send a new order and mention that you want cumulation and shipping in the same package. We will try to cumulate them provided that they are in the same stage (in processing).

How long will it take to ship my order?

We always process orders in the shortest possible time. Currently, the preparation of orders takes 1-6 working days, but there may be exceptions, depending on the season (and temperatures), holidays, busy periods, the content of the orders, etc.. After shipping, the delivery time varies depending on the destination of the package - more details are available on the delivery page: Delivery options

After placing an order, will I be contacted by phone? How can I follow the progress of an order?

Our order processing procedure does not involve telephone contact. The automatic processing flow sends updates via email/SMS and on the day of dispatch you receive an email + message from the courier company. On the day of delivery, you receive a new message that includes the courier's phone number. We will contact you by phone only if there are any doubts about the order, although these situations are rare/unlikely. Updates and possible messages/requests from us are automatically sent to you by email, but they can also be viewed online on the website, in your customer account.

What is the cost of international deliveries?

Information about international deliveries can be found here: International deliveries

What should I do after receiving the plants?

The transport represents a shock for each plant, due to the temperature and humidity variations, but also the lack of light. After receiving, let the plants adjust to the new environment gradually - in the first days it is recommended to keep them in diffused light, without exposing them to thermal shocks. It is not recommended to replace the substrate - these operations can only be done after the plants are stabilized and start growing again. Watering is generally done when the substrate is completely dry - we recommend that you document yourself regarding each plant purchased.

Guide for repotting: https://blog.secretgarden.ro/repotting-replantare/

Guide for receiving plants in the cold season: https://secretgarden.ro/pages/impachetarea-plantelor-iarna

Dimensions in inches - conversion for plants imported from Taiwan & Thailand

In the case of plants imported from Asian countries, the entire culture system is different - the plants are grown and delivered in "nursery soft pots", with sphagnum.

A 2.5 inch pot, for example, has the actual size of 2.5 inches - but the plant has a similar age and size to a plant grown in Europe with bark, in a 9 cm pot. A 1.7 inch pot is 1.7 inches in actual size - and the plant is similar to a 6 cm potted specimen.

For this reason, on the product page the displayed size will be, for example, the shape (pot 2.5 inch ~ 9cm).

This system is considered effective both for the growth of the car and for the transport of the plants, because everything is reduced to what is strictly necessary for the growth of the plant.

What is the company's policy regarding aggressive customers?

Customers who show aggressive or threatening behavior - for example: "If you don't give me what I want..." - will be blocked on social networks, and the e-mails they send will be redistributed to Junk/Spam.