Paphiopedilum Appletonianum x Thailandese
Paphiopedilum Appletonianum x Thailandese
Paphiopedilum Appletonianum x Thailandese

Orchid Paphiopedilum Magic Latern (micranthum x delenatii)

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Known by the vernacular name of Magic Lantern, this hybrid between various varieties of Paphiopedilum delenatii (rosa, vinicolor) and Paphiopedilum micranthum (both belonging to the Parvisepalum subgenus) seems to enjoy great success, being registered in 1994 in the specialized horticultural catalogs, moment of which he registered over 90 awards in exhibitions and was used as a parental taxon at least 17 times.
In the case of this hybridization, the taxon benefited from advantages from both parents, receiving from micranthum, the seminal parent, the labellum of exaggerated dimensions, and from delenati, the pollinous parent, the larger sizes of the sepals and dorsal petals.
Unfortunately, the hybrid did not inherit the special fragrance from the delenatii, but the almost geometric and contrasting pattern of the foliage somehow compensates for this loss, as well as the ease of cultivation, clearly superior to the original micranthum species.
Paphiopedilum Magic Latern (micranthum x delenatii) is a compact plant, with frequent flowering, between one and three times a year, easy to grow in the conditions of the apartment, and with leaves showing spots in various shades of green. The growing temperatures vary between a minimum of 16 °C and a maximum of 24 °C, and the humidity must fall within the range of 40 - 80%. The flowers last for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.
Pot diameter 9 cm
Height with pot included 30-35 cm (when in bloom)

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Stage:: with flowers/stem/buds

with flowers/stem/buds
without flowers