Pachira aquatica - Money Tree, (braided)

75,00 lei

Pachira Aquatica is a very popular tree due to the myths that surround it, known as the Malabat Chestnut or the Money Tree. It is said that the plant brings well-being and prosperity to people's homes.
Pachira Aquatica is native to Central and South America, growing in swampy regions. In the wild, the money tree can grow up to 60 meters tall, has flower buds the size and shape of a banana and fruit the size of a coconut.

The height of the plant is measured with pots.

Note: The foliage is sensitive and can be damaged during transport.

See the Pachira Aquatica care guide on the Blog.

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

Pot diameter/Height: pots 12/14 cm - height 40-50 cm

pot 12 cm - height 30-35 cm
pots 12/14 cm - height 40-50 cm
pot 14 cm - height 55-60 cm
pot 14 cm / height 60-70 cm