Hoya sigillatis

Hoya sigillatis - large specimens, long vines!

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Stage:: without flowers - 14 cm pots with hangers

without flowers - 14 cm pots with hangers
Full description and specifications
Hoya sigillatis - endemic species from Borneo. The plant impresses with its green leaves, massively covered with silver splash, which acquire shades of grain and black edges, when the plant is grown in strong light.
The flowers are medium-sized, yellow-orange, have a caramel scent and have a lifespan of about a week.
The plant is sensitive to moving, but also to large variations in temperature - it prefers to settle down and grow undisturbed in the same place, with average temperature and humidity. Repeated moves and temperature variations can cause loss of leaves, peduncles and sometimes the drying of new growth. It grows very well both in sphagnum and in other types of substrate, but overwatering should be avoided because the roots can be damaged quite easily.
Fragrant flowers: YES