Gomesa radicans
Orhidee Gomesa (Ornithophora) radicans
Gomesa radicans
Gomesa radicans

Gomesa radicans (Rchb.f.) MWChase & NHWilliams

75,00 lei

Gomesa radicans - Miniature botanical species, belonging to the subfamily Epidendroideae, tribe Cymbidieae, subtribe Oncidiinae, is described by MWCHASE & NHWILLIAMS, Ann. Butt. (Oxford) 104: 398 (2009) and also known by the synonyms Ornithophora quadricolor Barb. Rodr, assigned in 1864, Ornithophora radicans (Rchb. F) Garray & Pabst., in 1951, Sigmatostalix radicans Rchb. F. in 1882. The species was described by Robert Brown and named in honor of Dr. Bernardino Antonio Gomes, a Portuguese doctor and botanist.

The species Gomesa radicans is originally from Brazil, being collected for the first time near Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, but also being known from near the coastal area, in the states of Santa Catarina.
Flowering time: approx. 4 weeks

Flower size: 0.5-1 cm

Fragrant flowers: YES
Perfume: discreet spicy smell

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

Stage:: with flowers/stalks/buds - 6cm pots

with flowers/stalks/buds - 6cm pots
without flowers (pot 6 cm)