Aranjament cu azalee
Aranjament cu azalee

Azalea mix in a decorative pot

55,00 lei
Arrangement with azaleas made in a decorative ceramic pot. Azalea or Mountain Rose, is a shrub with small dark green leaves and rose-like flowers. It is a plant highly appreciated by connoisseurs, due to the long flowering period and the very large number of flowers that appear in a flowering cycle.
Pot diameter: 10-12 cm

This product is available exclusively during February-March. Between March 1-8, this product is delivered by driver in Bucharest and Ilfov or picked up from the store.
Azalea care instructions
How do you care for an azalea? Give it a cool space, with good natural light, but protected from the sun's rays, without drafts. Stimulated with fertilizer, it can bloom all year round. It is important to provide the plant with a shaded place and moisture, including on the leaves (it must be sprayed regularly in the warm season).