Anthurium alb Alexia Pearl - Floarea Flamingo, la cel mai bun pret online!

White Anthurium Alexia Pearl - Flamingo Flower

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White Anthurium - The Flamingo flower conquers with its special, white flowers.
Plant height 80-85 cm
Pot diameter 20-21 cm. It is a perennial plant with bush-like growth, originally from the forests of Colombia (equatorial climate).
Anthurium care instructions
Location: bright but shaded place
Humidity: constant, must be sprayed on the leaves
Substrate: peat or a loose mixture
Propagation: autumn, by division of the bush
Characteristics: The bract type flowers have a long life, especially in the conditions of a cool space. Plants with fewer pups bloom more abundantly. It blooms all year round, so it must be fertilized once/week from spring to late autumn.