Nepenthes Monkey Jars ‘Gaya’
Nepenthes Monkey Jars Gaya

Nepenthes Monkey Jars 'Gaya' - A spectacular carnivorous plant!

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Nepenthes Monkey Jars Gaya is a fascinating carnivorous plant, native to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, which is part of the Nepenthaceae family. This plant can grow up to a height of about 50-60 centimeters and has a long and thin stem with horseshoe-shaped leaves that turn into insect traps. The traps are formed by a lower part in the shape of a glass, which contains an acidic liquid, and an upper part in the form of a lid, which functions as a door to prevent the exit of the prey. The prey is attracted inside the trap by the sweet smell and intense coloring of the leaves.
Nepenthes Monkey Jars Gaya is a decorative plant, popular for its exotic appearance and for its unique way of feeding.
It is a plant that prefers indirect or partial light and a humid and warm environment. It is important to water the plants regularly and maintain high humidity around the leaves to stimulate the growth and development of the traps. This carnivorous plant can be fed on small insects that are attracted by the smell of the traps. Nepenthes Monkey Jars Gaya requires careful care and attention to the growing environment, but it is a fascinating and spectacular plant that can add an exotic and unique touch to your home.

Height with pots included: 25 cm
Pot diameter: 14 cm