Carnivorous plants / Insectivorous

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Cumpara ceropegia Sandersonii - Floarea umbrela, cel mai bun pret online!

Ceropegia Sandersonii (umbrella flower, umbrella flower)

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Ceropegia Sandersonii is a fascinating insectivorous plant, known by many names: Umbrella Flower, Parachute Flower, African Parachute, Fountain Flower or Lantern Flower. The flowers of Ceropegia Sandersonii spread a pleasant...
Carnivorous / insectivorous plants are considered real ferocious predators in the plant world. Although they do not actively hunt their prey, they use different visual or olfactory tricks to attract insects and even small animals into their traps. Some traps completely close the prey, others immobilize it with the help of sticky films.