Stephanotis floribunda ‘Alpine’ (variegata)
Stephanotis variegata - Iasomia de Madagascar, de camera

Stephanotis floribunda 'Alpine' (variegated) - Madagascar jasmine (scented)

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Stephanotis floribunda (syn. Stephanotis jasminoides) , popularly called "Jasmine of Madagascar" or "Flower of Happiness" , is a climbing plant with great vigor, fast growth and spectacular flowering (abundance). The flowers are strongly and pleasantly scented, in the form of perfectly white waxy stars, and appear in groups on new growth. The base of the flower is tubular, with a length of approx. 3 cm.

The number of flowers per pot is variable.

The variegated form represents a recently appeared mutation, quite rare for the moment.

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The decorative bowl is not included in the price.