Natural Sphagnum moss, packaged (unprocessed)

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Sphagnum moss is used as a culture medium for various species of orchids and other species of epiphytic plants (hoya, climbing green plants, insectivorous plants, various cuttings), having an aesthetic and decorative role as well.
Sphagnum moss has a higher water retention capacity than conifer bark or hydroton ceramic granules, especially in growing conditions in the apartment, where there are high values ​​of air movement (forced ventilation), which frequently lead to the rapid drying of culture media. However, it will not suffocate the plants and will not allow the water to stagnate, as its ability to retain water in the cellular structures is clearly superior to any other types of inert substrate.

Observations: The term "unprocessed" refers to a product sold in its natural state, technologically unprocessed. It can also contain impurities: remains of branches, leaves, or other types of plant remains, or spontaneous flora and fauna.

Packages with a weight varying between 300 - 600 grams, due to water evaporation (this does not affect its quality). Estimated volume per bag - 4 liters.

Bag size: approx. 18 x 30 cm