Scindapsus pictus 'Silvery Ann'

Scindapsus pictus 'Silvery Ann' babyplant

29,00 lei

Pot diameter: pot 8 cm

pot 8 cm
pot 5 cm
Full description and specifications

Scindapsus pictus Silvery Ann is a popular houseplant, prized for its large, glossy leaves with silver edges and dark green spots. This plant is part of the Araceae family and is native to Southeast Asia. Scindapsus pictus Silvery Ann is an easy-care plant that easily adapts to different lighting and humidity conditions. In addition, it is an air purifying plant, which makes it an excellent choice for any home or office.

Location: bright area, with indirect sun. It also tolerates less bright areas.
Watering: water moderately, letting the soil dry between waterings. If the soil is kept permanently moist, the roots will suffer.
Ideal temperature: 18-30 degrees Celsius.
Humidity: it is tolerant to any type of humidity
Soil: universal substrate mixed with perlite and vermiculite.
Height with pots included approx. 10 cm

The decorative bowl is not included in the price. The displayed price is for 1 plant.