Rubus x loganobaccus 'Loganberry'
Rubus x loganobaccus 'Loganberry'
Rubus x loganobaccus 'Loganberry'

Giant raspberry - Rubus x loganobaccus 'Loganberry' (fruits xl, without thorns)

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Rubus loganobaccus 'Loganberry' is a cross between a North American blackberry cultivar (Rubus ursinus 'Aughinbaugh') and a European raspberry cultivar (Rubus idaeus 'Texas Early') , accidentally created in 1881 in California. Over time, the hybrid was improved, reaching today among the most valuable varieties on the market. Popularly, it is called "Giant Raspberry", like Rubus loganobaccus 'Loganberry'.

The plant has earned its reputation as a super fruit - the fruit is tasty, large (up to 4cm!), abundant production, and the content of vitamins and antioxidants is high.

From the point of view of production, it is considered an incredible shrub, because the fruits appear and ripen in stages starting in May, and in the case of mature specimens, fruiting takes place until late autumn. The amount of fruit is considered very high - production from specialized farms reaches 27 tons/hectare. In the case of specimens planted in private gardens, productions of up to 35 kg/adult specimen were reported. The fruits are firm and have a long shelf life.

Withstands temperatures up to - 25 °C. For an abundant fruit production, it should be planted in a sunny area, without neglecting irrigation.

Rubus x loganobaccus 'Loganberry' is a thornless variety. It develops particularly quickly, each liana growing up to 3 m in a single season (even without irrigation).

The plant is very resistant to diseases and pests.
Height with pots included: 35-60 cm (varies depending on the season and manufacturer)

Pot size: 11-14 cm or 2 l.
In the cold season it is sold without leaves.