Yellow fruit raspberry - Rubus idaeus 'Fallgold'

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Yellow Fruit Raspberry - Rubus idaeus 'Fallgold is perfect for smaller or larger gardens. It bears fruit all year round, with 2 harvests per year.
It produces large yellow-golden, sweet and aromatic fruits.
Placement: bright area or partial shade.
Temperature: Resist up to temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius.
It bears fruit in the months of June - August and then in October.
Other names: Raspberry 'Fallgold', Rubus idaeus 'Fall Gold', Everbearing raspberry 'Fallgold'

Pot diameter: 11-14 cm or 2l
Height with pots included: approx. 50-60 cm

Plants for the garden or terrace are grown in unprotected spaces or with minimal protection (shading nets or anti-hail nets). For this reason, naturally, they cannot have perfect foliage - the leaves can show traces, defects or other damage.

In the cold season, the plants enter the period of vegetative rest.