Powder for rooting (Crazy Roots formula) - 25g bottle

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Powder for rooting - Product intended to accelerate the process of root formation for soft, semi-woody or woody cuttings, as well as to increase the success rate in root formation. The concentration of active substance used guarantees efficiency for all 3 categories of lignification of cuttings.
It is applicable to cuttings of young branches, petioled leaves, leaf sections (where these methods of vegetative propagation are applicable), cords (Vitis, Parthenocissus, Hoya, Stephanotis, Epipremnum, Phyllodendron, Monstera, Anthurium, Hedera), or for upper portions of the stem (Cactus and succulents) It can also be used for a wide range of taxa, such as: Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Vanilia, Encyclia, Epidendrum, Coelogyne, Bulbophyllum, Cirrhopetalum, Cattleya, Pelargonium (geraniums), Saintpaulia ( Parma violets, African violets), Bougainvillea, Passiflora, Rosa (roses), Plumeria, Adenium, Ficus, etc.

Product classification: Preparation for plant biostimulation

Weight: 25 grams. The content is kept in a dark and cool place. If the storage conditions are respected, it does not expire.

General application and safety instructions:

  • Sampling of cuttings is carried out, with previously sterilized instruments (cutter, scalpel, horticultural knife, horticultural scissors).
  • The necessary time (6 – 18 hours) for healing of the excised tissue is allocated - depending on the species. This procedure allows certain species to callus, but also helps to reduce the rate of fungal/bacterial contamination.
  • Soak the cuttings that will be rooted in water, then shake to remove excess water.
  • Extract the amount of rooting powder to be used for the respective session. If there is unused product after the treatment, it will not be mixed with the rest of the product left in the bottle, in order to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Insert each cutting for a length of at least 1-2 cm in the rooting powder
  • The cut treated in this way is inserted into the rooting substrate, represented by fine-grained perlite, sand, peat, coal, coconut fiber, or commercial or artisanal premixes, according to the requirements of the taxon addressed. In the case of mature plants with root deficiencies, lightly moisten the part susceptible to generating roots and apply powder.
  • The results are visible in 7-20 days after the moment of application, depending on the type of plant on which the application is made. The moment of application can decisively influence the results, as the plants may not respond to the stimulation if they are not in a period of active growth. The efficiency of the product and the final result can be influenced by the microclimate, the care conditions and the quality of the material used.
  • Use gloves and avoid product contact with skin and eyes. Keep Keiki Pasta out of the reach of children and pets. It is recommended to secure the product, so that it is accessible only to adults capable of using it.

Expiry date: does not expire. Store at room temperature (8-28°C), without being exposed to strong light, or in dark spaces with controlled temperature.