Plectranthus ernstii (Mint Plant)
Plectranthus ernstii (Mint Plant)

Plectranthus ernstii (Mint Plant) - fragrant leaves

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Pot diameter: pot 12 cm

pot 12 cm
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Plectranthus ernstii, also known as "Bonsai Mint", "Mint Plant" or "Elephant's Food", is a species of semi-succulent plant with slow growth, which is part of the Lamiaceae family. This plant is endemic to South Africa and is popular among succulent plant and bonsai lovers due to its attractive appearance, with a stem that, as the plant matures, forms a fragmented, bonsai-looking caudex.

"Bonsai Mint" grows up to a height of about 30 cm and forms thick, juicy, light green stems. The leaves are small, round and fleshy, having a gray-green shade, pubescent. They give off a slight minty fragrance when rubbed, hence the common name "Bonsai Mint".

During the flowering period, the plant produces small, tubular, white or pink-lilac flowers, arranged in inflorescences in the form of ascending clusters, similar to ears of corn.

Plectranthus ernstii is an easy-care plant and prefers well-drained soils, rich in organic matter. It is drought tolerant and needs moderate watering, the soil having to dry between waterings. Prefers partial sun exposure or strong filtered light. Exposure to temperatures lower than 10°C is not recommended.

Pot diameter: 12 cm
Height with pots included: approx. 20-25 cm