Pasta pentru stimularea (re)infloririi 1,5g, pret atractiv
Pasta pentru stimularea (re)infloririi 1,5g, pret atractiv

Paste for stimulating (re)blooming 1.5g (ReBloom)

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The paste for stimulating (re)blooming is a mixture of substances designed and optimized to cause and support the flowering or reblooming of plants, awakening and stimulating inactive cells.
The uses of this preparation are multiple, it can be used by applying it to the flower stems after flowering in the species of the genera Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Psychopsis, in a similar way to the application of keiki paste, i.e. directly to the inactive buds, after removing their protective sheath, or to pseudobulbs, in the case of species of the genera Dendrobium, Cattleya, Epidendrum, Catasetum, Cycnoches, Cymbidium, Bulbophylum, Cirrhopetalum, Coelogyne, Maxillaria, Encyclia, etc.. After applying a thin layer of the preparation on the inactive buds, you will notice their activation and the start of branching growth or freshmen.
The paste can also be applied to newly emerged flower stems. Another useful application is represented by the treatment of the floral peduncle (the part that inserts the flower on the floral stem), to start the elongation of the pollen tubes towards the ovary and to trigger self-pollination. If, 48 hours after application, the withering of the flower and inflammation of the floral peduncle are not observed, manual pollination of the specimens is recommended.
Increases the success rate of pollination (self and cross), decreases the abortion rate of flowers and pods, increases the success rate of flowering, the size of flowers and their viability, as well as the number of flowers per flowering, reducing the development time.
The growth regulators used in the composition of the product are substances produced naturally by plant organisms in various periods of development.

Product classification: Preparation for plant biostimulation