Nepenthes Alata
Nepenthes - O planta carnivora cu adevarat spectaculoasa!

Nepenthes Alata - A spectacular carnivorous plant!

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Nepenthes is definitely one of the most admired carnivorous plants. These are the plants that fit the stereotypical view of what carnivorous plants are.

Nepenthes grows very well in Sphagnum Peat with compost, fertilizers and specific microelements - substrate that you can find here: Nepenthes substrate.
IMPORTANT: Insectivorous / carnivorous plants do not represent any kind of danger to humans. Their digestive juice is a good hand sanitizer at best! Many come from the misty jungles of Southeast Asia, forming tree-climbing cattle, and their traps really do look like traps.
The trap of this plant is an airtight pitcher with slippery edges, very difficult for the prey to climb. The mouth of the pitcher is adorned with a structure called a peristome. The peristome helps to retain the prey, and also directs the prey into the pitcher. The jug has a lid on the top. It helps to keep rainwater in the pitcher, but its main function is to attract prey due to its color and the presence of nectar. The prey hanging on the underside of the cover is in danger of falling into the trap.

Height with pots included: 30 cm
Pot diameter: 15 cm