Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura (Tricolor) - Prayer plant

45,00 lei

Maranta is popularly called the plant that prays because it raises its leaves in the evening and lowers them in the morning.
Maranta is a plant with a very spectacular and attractive leaf pattern. The leaves look as if they were painted by hand.
Other known commercial names: Maranta Red Stripe, Maranta Tricolor, Maranta Fascinator, Maranta Tricolor
Known popular names: Prayer Plant, Herringbone Plant, Plant that prays for the house.
Maranta got its name from Bartolomeo Maranti, a famous Venetian botanist in the sixteenth century and comes from Central and South America.
Marantha grows up to a height of about 45 cm, generating 5-6 new leaves per year. A small white flower appears in summer, but the plant is decorative through its leaves and not through its flowers. It likes semi-shaded or shaded places and exposure to too strong light discolors its leaves.
Maranta care instructions
Placement: shaded space, with indirect light. It does not tolerate drafts and too low temperatures in winter. In the summer they feel good in a cooler place; in excessive heat the leaves get stained.
Propagation: by dividing the bush

Height with pots included 20-30 cm
1-2 plants/pot

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

Pot diameter: 12 cm pot - 2 plants/pot

12 cm pot - 2 plants/pot