Hoya spartioides
Hoya spartioides
Hoya spartioides

Hoya spartioides

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Stage:: without flowers (pots 1.7 inch - 6 cm)

without flowers (pots 1.7 inch - 6 cm)
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Hoya Spartioides, endemic to Borneo, grows in warm and humid conditions, typical of tropical forests in Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Malaysia.

The plant has lanceolate leaves, dark green in color, with a smooth but resistant texture.

The flowers appear in delicate, star-shaped clusters, with translucent petals ranging from pale pink to light yellow. They emit a sweet, very interesting fragrance.

Care recommendations :

Light : Prefer indirect, intense light.

Temperature and Humidity : Ideally between 15°C and 27°C, with high levels of humidity.

Watering : The soil must be slightly moist, but not excessively so as to avoid rotting of the roots. Periodic spraying is recommended.

Soil : It needs a well-drained soil that retains a level of moisture at the same time, such as a mixture of moss, perlite and orchid bark.

Fragrant flowers: YES

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.