Hoya mindorensis 'Lite yellow'
Hoya mindorensis 'Lite yellow'

Hoya mindorensis 'Lite yellow' - developed specimens

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Stage:: without flowers (pots 2.5 inch ~ 9cm)

without flowers (pots 2.5 inch ~ 9cm)
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Hoya mindorensis 'Lite yellow' - species native to the Philippines, which stands out for its unique, fragrant flowers. The leaves are pleasant, with visible veins and they color nicely when the plant has a strong light.
It is a plant that resists temperature fluctuations well and blooms even at small sizes (young plant, 5 leaves). All the 9 cultivars present in our greenhouse have bloomed repeatedly and abundantly. In the case of large specimens, flowering occurred constantly over several seasons.
We believe that for Hoya mindorensis, the ideal growing conditions include exposure to the best possible light, atmospheric humidity above 50% and ensuring adequate ventilation of the growing space.
Fragrant flowers: YES