Hoya cummingiana
Hoya cummingiana
Hoya cummingiana

Hoya cummingiana - golden, fragrant flowers

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Hoya cummingiana - species native to the Philippines. Compact plant, with vigorous, vertical growth, in the form of a shrub.
The flowers usually appear in the shadows of 10-20. Each flower is approximately 1 cm in size and has a delightful fragrance with citrus notes. The peduncles fall after flowering, but it is not a reason for disappointment, because the plant has a good growth rate and the new peduncles appear spontaneously and grow rapidly throughout the warm season.
The color of the flowers varies from green when they open, to yellow when they mature. The flowers have a lifespan of about a week.
Hoya cummingiana is probably one of the most resistant and easy to grow hoya species. The best results in terms of growth and flowering will be obtained when the plant is grown in strong filtered light. It tolerates the sun very well in the morning or in the evening, when the intensity of light radiation is weaker.
Hoya cummingiana is related to Hoya densifolia - the two species show many similarities, but currently taxonomists consider the two to be distinct species.
Like Hoya densifolia, Hoya cummingiana tolerates periods of drought better than excess water.

Stage:: without flowers (pot 6cm)

without flowers (pot 6cm)