Hoya crassipetiolata (Hoya hainanensis)
Hoya crassipetiolata D6
Hoya hainanensis (DaNang Vietnam)
Hoya hainanensis (DaNang Vietnam)

Hoya crassipetiolata D6

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Stage:: without flowers (pot 6 cm)

without flowers (pot 6 cm)
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Hoya crassipetiolata (Hoya hainanensis) - species collected between 2013 and 2015 from DaNang, Vietnam. The plant with good growth and spectacular foliage when it has good light. The flowers are discreetly fragrant and have a certain variability depending on the growing conditions.

Other known names: Hoya DaNang Vietnam, Hoya hainanensis (original name)
Fragrant flowers: YES