Stadiu_ fara flori (ghiveci 5-6cm)
Stadiu_ fara flori (ghiveci 5-6cm)

Hoya carnosa 'Tricolor' (Krimson Princess) D11 - full pots, 3 plants/pot

35,00 lei

Stage: without flowers (pots 10.5/11 cm)

without flowers (pots 10.5/11 cm)
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Hoya carnosa 'Tricolor' (Krimson Princess) is one of the "lightest" hoya varieties. The plant stands out for its strongly variegated leaves, in shades of cream, pink and green.
The flowers are fragrant, and the color varies between white-pink and pink, depending on the growing conditions, microclimate and fertilization. In general, plants grown in bright light will produce pinker flowers.

2-3 plants/pot.

The length of the lianas varies from one specimen to another.