Granule ceramice Seramis
Hidrogranule ceramice Seramis
Granule ceramice Seramis
Hidrogranule ceramice Seramis
Granule ceramice Seramis

Seramis ceramic granules

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Weight: 2 liters

2 liters
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Mineral ceramic granules from Seramis clay - suitable for semi-hydroponic, hydroponic cultures, an ingredient in the composition of substrates or as a drainage material.

- granulation: 3-5 mm
- 100% NATURAL product
- granules with irregular shape, porous and light with PH 5.7
- they naturally contain a quantity of plant-beneficial oxides and nutrients:

K 2 O Potassium (CAL) 135 mg/l; N Total nitrogen 7 mg/l; P2O5 Phosphates (phosphorus) 13 mg/l

- it offers very good aeration and oxygenation of the roots, but also very good drainage, without compacting
- root support - the fine ramifications of the roots are attached to the hydrogranules, which act as water reservoirs with gradual release, but also as a vehicle for the gradual release of fertilizers and nutrients
- inorganic substrate - they do NOT decompose, but it is normal to generate a small amount of fine powder
Ceramic granules from Seramis clay are not affected and cannot be colonized by insects, fungi or bacteria. They are ecological, non-toxic, fire-resistant and chemically neutral.

Placing a layer of Seramis Ceramic Granules in the pot, before adding other types of substrate, ensures good water drainage, but the granules capture a considerable amount of water which they will later release gradually - thus, an optimal area is created for a superior development of the root system, like a semi-hydro culture. The problems of the root system, caused by water stagnation, are eliminated at the same time.

Note: Bulk product - packaging is done in zip bags by our staff. It is not excluded that there may be some volume differences or a margin of error due to porosity, compaction, moisture or density of the material, but these variations are considered normal.

This product is not available for Europe delivery (only Romania).