Fertilizant premium Orhidee NPK 20-9-17 Cameleon
Fertilizant premium Orhidee NPK 20-9-17 Cameleon

Orchid fertilizer NPK 20-9-17, Chameleon 250 ml

20,00 lei
Chameleon - orchid fertilizer - a premium product developed by orchid growers themselves.
NPK 20-9-17 + Mg
The manufacturer recommends applying the fertilizer once a month during the growth periods and weekly during the flowering periods, when the plant needs more nutrients.
The dose recommended by the manufacturer is 5 ml/liter, but for sensitive plants we recommend that you significantly reduce this concentration. The fertilizer will be diluted in warm water, and the plants will be watered by immersing the pot in the water container in which the fertilizer was added.
Genre/Type: Herbal treatments