Ecosystem with Macodes petola (Easy Care Terrarium)

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Full description and specifications

Closed ecosystem with Macodes petola (Jewel Orchid) - a miniature ecosystem that requires minimal human intervention.

The ecosystem is composed of: plastic bowl with coconut fiber bottom layer, living moss, 1 copy Macodes petola.

Macodes petola - terrestrial orchid that stands out for the fascinating appearance of the leaves.

The leaves of jewel orchids are segmented, with prominent venation and show various patterns, usually with golden or silver reflections - hence the popular name jewel orchid.


- add a minimum amount of water, after approximately one month - the system is closed, and for this reason water losses are minimal.

- the temperature of the room where you place the terrarium can vary between 16-28°C

- do not place the terrarium in direct sunlight - there is a risk of overheating and damage

Terrarium dimensions: diameter: 10 cm, height: 12 cm.