Orhidee Dendrobium lindleyi (syn. aggregatum) parfumat

Dendrobium lindleyi (syn. aggregatum) - fragrant flowers

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Dendrobium lindleyi (syn. aggregatum) - Epiphytic species, with distribution from the north-east of India, covering Indochina and Thailand (where it grows on the branches of deciduous trees, in the mountain area, but also in the southern and south-central regions, at altitudes of 650 – 1400 m), Sikkhim, Bhutan, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and southwest China.
The flowers have variable sizes between 2 and 5 cm, which appear on hanging stems, in number of 5 to 15. In optimal growing conditions, it can generate several stems simultaneously.

Miniature species of the genus, with a total height of 10-20 cm, short pseudobulbs, approximately 5-10 cm long, thick, slightly wrinkled, angular, intended to store water reserves and nutrients, crowded together at the base , with slightly pointed tips, forming groups, aggregations, which give the name of the species.
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Stage:: without flowers (pots 2.5 inch ~ 9cm)

without flowers (pots 2.5 inch ~ 9cm)
flowers/stem (pot 2.5 inch ~ 9cm)