Dragonis - fungicid multispecific cu spectru larg

Dagonis - broad-spectrum multispecific fungicide

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Weight: 15 ml

15 ml
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Dagonis® is a versatile, easy-to-use fungicide that can be applied to a very wide range of crops.

The two active substances are complementary and their combination provides long-lasting control over a wide spectrum of diseases:

- fluxapiroxad belongs to the chemical group that acts as succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors (SDHI). It strongly inhibits spore germination, germ tube elongation, mycelial growth and sporulation (all the main stages of fungal development and reproduction).

- difenoconazole is a systemic triazole that controls a wide spectrum of foliar diseases, as well as soil-transmitted diseases to seeds, provides long-lasting preventive and curative control.
Targeted pathogens: White rot of roots and bundles (Sclerotium - Sclerotinia scleotiorum), Alternaria, White spot, Powdery mildew or powdery mildew, Turnip, Rusts.

At this moment Dagonis is approved in Romania only for agricultural crops.

Dilution: 15 ml in 10 L of water.