Cropmax - stimulator foliar de crestere
Cropmax - stimulator foliar de crestere

Cropmax - foliar growth stimulator

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Cropmax stimulates growth for all types of plants, thanks to the combination of microelements, amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides and plant hormones (growth regulators). It is a 100% organic, highly concentrated preparation that stimulates the rapid growth of the root system and leaf mass, even in the absence of a concentrated fertilizer.
Cropmax has a systemic action, stimulating an optimal distribution of minerals in all plant organs, stimulating the redistribution of nutrients and reserve substances in the young parts of the plant, with active growth, contributing at the same time to the amplification of the intensity of photosynthesis, to the delay of the senescence of the leaf apparatus, the intensification of the rate absorption of nutrients and increasing the bioavailability of mineral elements.
The method of application is aimed at foliar spraying of a solution of 2.5 ml/10 L water (seedlings), 20 ml/10 L water (vegetables in greenhouses and solariums), 10 ml/10 L water (vegetables and flowers in the open field) , 10 – 20 ml/10 L water (vines and fruit trees), 0.5 ml / 1 L water (lawn), 10-15 ml/10 L water (ornamental plants, including orchids). The treatments can be carried out at an interval of 7-10 days. Cropmax - Complex biostimulator of Dutch origin, with wide applications in vegetable growing, fruit growing, tropical horticulture, with known results in wheat, corn, rapeseed, sunflower, sugar beet, potato , soybeans, peas, vines, fruit trees and shrubs, vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, carrots, lettuce, eggplant, pumpkins, beans, melons, radishes, leeks, beetroot, spinach, celery ) thuja, hedge, lilac, hibiscus, dogwood, conifers) and lawn.
Its function as a growth biostimulator consists in combating the effects of stress conditions (excess heat, lack of water, frost), which affect the production of growth regulators naturally, through the supply of growth regulators (cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins, ethylene) contain Cropmax in doses sufficient for the plants' needs. However, growth regulators do not represent the only component of maximum importance, along with them there are amino acids (in number of 17) responsible for cell division, root development and the smooth running of plant physiological processes, microelements (Fe - iron - with involvement in gene formation and cell growth, Zn – zinc – responsible for synthesizing tryptophan, precursor of auxin, Cu – copper – which influences the metabolism of hydrocarbons and nitrogen through enzymes, Mn – manganese – produces water photolysis in the photosynthesis process, Mo – molybdenum – important in nitrogen metabolism, being part of nitroreductase and nitrogenase, B - boron - essential microelement, the lack of which affects the exchange of sugars), polysaccharides, as sources of energy, enzymes, acting as catalysts of biochemical processes, vitamins (ascorbic acid - vitamin C – antioxidant and strong reducing agent, tocopherol – vitamin E – with a role in increasing fertility), checkered tenoids.
Cropmax represents the ideal option in agriculture, fruit growing, vegetables and tropical or temperate horticulture, being an ecologically certified product, stimulating the growth of production and plant biomass by 15-25%, improving the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers and the fungicide, bactericidal, insecticide and miticide treatments applied, accelerating the development of the root system, sprouting, branching, resistance to pests and diseases, recovery after unfavorable weather conditions, being perfectly compatible with pesticides and NPK liquid fertilizers.

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Genre/Type: Herbal treatments