Colchicum 'Giant' (Giant autumn flowers)

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Stage:: bulb without flowers

bulb without flowers
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Colchicum 'Giant' is a variety of perennial plant that is part of the Colchicaceae family. It is known for its large flowers, usually pink-purple, that appear in autumn. This variety is appreciated for the impressive size of its flowers, which are larger than those of other types of Colchicum. The plant has no leaves during the flowering period, which makes the flowers appear to appear directly from the ground, a phenomenon often described as "miraculous".

The bulb can bloom without being planted - or it can be planted in sand/substrate with good drainage.

It is a plant that prefers well-drained soils and exposure to partial sun or light shade. All parts of the plant are toxic if ingested - but in general they are naturally ignored by animals.

Withstands temperatures of -5°C - protection with a thick layer of mulch or growth/storage in protected spaces in winter is recommended.

Bulbs - The displayed price is for 1 pot.