Champ 77 WG 20 g- Fungicid/bactericid de contact, orhidee, pret atractiv

Champ 77 WG - Contact fungicide/bactericide

10,00 lei

CHAMP 77 is a very effective contact fungicide/bactericide. It is presented in the form of varnish blue granules, soluble in water.
Champ stimulates the natural resistance of plants and favors certain biochemical processes. It does not create resistance and defeats the resistant forms that appear to systemic fungicides. It can be alternated or combined with systemic fungicides, for an amplified effect.
Active substance: 50% metallic copper from copper hydroxide
Fights with particular efficiency the following pathogens: Phytophtora infestans, Plasmopara viticola, Pseudomonas lachrymans, Pseudomonas tomato, Xanthomonas spp, Erwinia amylovora (bacterial fire), Venturia inaequalis, Anthracnose, Cercospora, Guignaria, Botritis
This product has a similar composition to Funguran OH 50 WP
Dilution: 20g in 5 liters of water

Weight: 20 g

20 g