Bulbi Stephania erecta

Stephania erecta bulbs

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Bulb size: Approx. 7 cm

Approx. 7 cm
approx. 4 cm
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Stephania Erecta is an exotic plant with caudex. The bright green leaves have a perfect round shape. Stephania Erecta will store water and nutrients in the caudex, which makes the care of this plant quite easy.

How to plant the bulb of Stephania Erecta?
- At the beginning of spring, plant the bulb in a substrate with very good drainage (for example, the special one for cacti and adenium)
- Place the pot in a warm place, where it will receive a little light during the day.
- Water moderately, so that the soil does not dry out completely. Try to keep the soil slightly moist.
- It could take a few weeks or months before a new growth appears, so patience is essential!
Remember that normally Stephania Erecta remains inactive during the winter. When you notice that the plant loses its leaves (especially somewhere in late autumn / early winter) stop watering Stephania Erecta. When the plant goes dormant and you continue to water, the bulb may start to rot. Resume watering again in the spring.

Bulb size is approximate.
The picture is with an informative title - they can have various forms.