Comanda online Bougainvillea roz, Floarea de hartie cel mai bun pret!
Comanda online Bougainvillea roz, Floarea de hartie cel mai bun pret!

Bougainvillea 'Pink' - The cyclamen-pink paper flower

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Bougainvillea, popularly called the paper flower, has purple, red or white flowers. No one can think of any landscape in Greece, during the summer, without including the impressive bougainvillea that add color to every corner.
The number of flowers on the plant is variable! Bougainvillea care instructions
Placement: throughout the summer it is good to be exposed in an open space, it can withstand the full sun, the air current; before it cools it must be brought inside
Humidity: it gets wet constantly, if you keep it indoors it sprays.
Substrate: neutral Dutch peat or a very loose mixture
Propagation: by semi-lignified shoots, rooted directly in peat
Characteristics: colored bracts appear quickly when the plant is exposed to the sun, therefore it is recommended that the bougainvillea be kept outside during the entire warm period of the year. In autumn, cuttings are made to form the crown, which helps in sprouting and flowering next year. On new shoots, the leaves appear as brightly colored cups, and the white flowers are inside them.

Careful! The flowers of this plant are thermosensitive - this plant might arrive to you without flowers, but it is capable of reblooming in the following weeks.

Height with pots included: approx. 60 cm
Pot diameter: 17 cm