Anthurium obtusum

Anthurium obtusum (Blue Pearl Anthurium)

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Full description and specifications

Anthurium obtusum (Blue Pearl Anthurium) - epiphytic botanical species, native to tropical jungles. The plant is epiphytic and develops a very strong root system.
The leaves are long and narrow, with visible veins, protected at the base by purple-cherry bracts. The flowers are green, self-fertile, and after the flowering period they turn into bunches of colored fruits in shades of pink-purple-lilac.
Anthurium obtusum can be grown both in pots, with a well-drained substrate, and mounted on bark or plastic supports. The plant prefers strong light, without direct sun, and the humidity should be medium-high (50-80%), under the conditions of a properly ventilated growing space.

Pot diameter: 14 cm
Height with pots included approx. 50-60 cm

Note: Due to the fact that it is a plant with generous foliage, some leaves may show defects/damage.