Adenium arabicum 'Baobab'

Adenium arabicum 'Baobab' D12

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Stage:: without flowers/leaves (pot 12 cm)

without flowers/leaves (pot 12 cm)
Full description and specifications
Adenium Baobab is a cultivar of Adenium arabicum obtained in Thailand by ANSU. The plant stands out for its special appearance that makes it look like a Baobab in miniature, hence the name of the cultivar. Some sources claim that the ANSU would have succeeded in a cross between Adenium obesum and Adenium arabicum.
The leaves of this cultivar have prominent veins and a different texture compared to the usual Adenium specimens.
Adenium arabicum stands out for its massive caudex (compared to Adenium obesum), from which appear conical ramifications, with leaves grouped only at the top. The flowers are generally pink, simple.
In the cold season, the plant completely loses its leaves if the ambient temperature is kept below 15°C, or if it does not receive enough light.
Height with pots included: 20-30 cm
Pot diameter: 12 cm