Comanda ACTELLIC 50 EC - insecticid orhidee eficient, la cel mai bun pret

ACTELLIC 50 EC - contact insecticide/acaricide

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ACTELLIC 50 EC is a powerful insecticide, with contact, ingestion and fumigant action (through vapors), intended to combat pests in crops and warehouses, with the active substance: pirimiphos methyl (500 g/L).
The maximum efficiency is obtained in closed spaces for up to 24 hours after application - the insecticide is known for its strong, long-term effects, because it also destroys hidden pest populations.
Orchid growers successfully use Actellic to combat a wide spectrum of pests, including: woolly lice, mites and spiders (mites, red spider mite)
General dilution: 10 ml/10 l water

Weight: 10 ml

10 ml