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Air plants Tillandsia Albertiana

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Tillandsia Albertiana is a robust air plant in the epiphyte family, which is also easy to maintain. This species of Tillandsia is named after the Argentinian botanist Alberto Castellanos. This aerial plant is characterized by its planar shape and green leaves, which grow in the mirror. In addition, the plant makes a red flower, which can last up to a week, which is very special in the case of air plants.
The most important conditions for the tillandsia airplant to survive are: to have bright light, not directly in the sun, good air and water circulation. Tillandsia Air Plant care instructions
For the Tillandsia air plant, clean air and ventilated rooms are very important, thus ensuring the health of the plant.
Tillandsia Air Plant needs a lot of humidity in the warm season. this means spraying almost daily and a lower humidity in the cold season - spraying 2-3 times a week.
It is essential that the water does not stagnate on the plant for more than 4 hours, otherwise there is a risk of diseases, rotting.