Tillandsia Usneoides, Spanish Moss ("Barba mosului")

Tillandsia Usneoides, Spanish Moss

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Length: 40 - 55 cm

40 - 55 cm
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A plant like Tillandsia Usneoides fits in any interior, being very decorative. It is enough to spray it twice a week.
From early June to late September, Tillandsia can simply be hung on a wall in the shade. This plant is considered to be one of the most powerful plants in the world. It can tolerate almost all large temperature differences from about 4.C to 45.C..Tillandsia is also an organic plant, it is not grown with pesticides.
Tillandsia, known as the air plant, is found naturally in the jungle, in arid deserts, from sea level to high mountain regions.
See the complete care guide for air plants. Most Tillandsia species use their roots to attach themselves to trees or rocks and absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves.
These hardy air plants are adaptable and tolerant to various environmental conditions and require minimal care.
See the complete care guide on the Blog.

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