Maslin Bonsai in ghiveci - Olea Europaea

Bonsai olive in pots - Olea Europaea Bonsai

175,00 lei
Full description and specifications
The olive tree, also considered the "eternal tree", is a shrub of Mediterranean origin with extraordinary power of regeneration and adaptation.
Olive Tree Bonsai can be a truly special gift.
**Sold in standard plastic pots**
Plant height: 45 cm
Pot diameter: 20 cm
Olive Bonsai Care Instructions
In general, olive trees do very well in warm climates with lots of light. Bonsai olive trees are the same, they need to be placed in a place with a lot of sun. If your bonsai has gone through a winter without much light, it is important to put them in direct sunlight. Bonsai trees are watered regularly, and a little more during the summer.
Bonsai olive trees are not too different from other Bonsai species. These are fruit trees and can even produce olives as bonsai.