Powerspray Pokon pentru plante verzi 300 ml

Powerspray for green plants and palm trees 300ml

33,00 lei
Pokon Powerspray for green plants is a fertilizer with a balanced content of nutrients, which stimulates the natural balance and makes plants healthier and stronger. Among the benefits of using this fertilizer are:
- Spectacular growth and abundant flowering
- Natural gloss of the leaf
- Hydrates the leaf immediately
- Fertilizes aerial roots
After a while, the leaves of the plants may become dull. In addition to shine, this spray provides fast-absorbing nutrients for your plants. The plants will be noticeably fresher, healthier in a short time. Water the plants a few hours before using Pokon Powerspray to improve performance. Avoid using the spray or exposing the plants to direct sunlight after application.
Instructions for use Powerspray Pokon for green plants:
Shake well before use. Spray the leaves once every 7-10 days. By regularly using Powerspray Pokon you keep your plants in very good condition. Do not spray on flowers. Clean dirty or dusty leaves with a damp cloth first.
Composition: Ready-to-use solution for spraying leaves. The solution contains urea, nitrogen, magnesium, trace elements, anti-corrosion agents and emulsifier. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Store at temperatures between 5-40 degrees Celsius.
Genre/Type: Herbal treatments