Powerspray Pokon pentru Orhidee 300 ml

Powerspray for Orchids 300 ml

42,00 lei
Full description and specifications
Pokon Powerspray for orchids is a fertilizer with a balanced content of nutrients, which stimulates the natural balance and makes the plants healthier and stronger. Among the benefits of using this fertilizer are:
- Spectacular growth and abundant flowering
- Natural gloss of the leaf
- Hydrates the leaf immediately
- Fertilizes aerial roots
Orchids prefer high humidity, so Powerspray for orchids, used regularly, can be a good help. The formula for the shine of the leaves and nutrition ensures that the plants are healthy and strong, and the leaves are shiny. Instructions for use Powerspray Pokon for Orchids:
Shake well before use. If necessary, gently clean the leaves of dust or impurities, using a damp cloth. Spray the plants once or twice a week, so that a visible film will appear on the leaves. Also, this spray can be used on the roots of orchids. Do not spray on flowers. It can be used all year round.
Composition: Ready-to-use solution for spraying leaves. The solution contains urea, nitrogen, magnesium, trace elements and dye. Keep out of reach of children and pets. To be kept at temperatures between 5-40 degrees Celsius
Replant the orchid in another pot, regularly and use special soil for orchids. Avoid using the spray or exposing the plants to direct sunlight after application. Genre/Type: Plant treatments