Rubus idaeus 'Schoenemann'
Zmeur - Rubus idaeus 'Schoenemann'
Rubus idaeus 'Schoenemann'

Raspberry - Rubus idaeus 'Schonemann'

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Rubus idaeus 'Schonemann' - late raspberry variety, self-fertile, with large, sweet and aromatic fruits that come off easily. It presents very good productions on both the annual and the biannual branches - which is why it is recommended to only trim the aged stems and a superficial cut immediately after harvesting.

Planting recommendations: sunny or partially shaded areas. Sandier soil - the water must not pool. Irrigation is recommended in the warm season.
Temperatures: withstand up to - 25 degrees Celsius.
It bears fruit during July - August.

Pot size: 11-14 cm or 2 liters
Height with pots included: approx. 50-60 cm