Zantedeschia 'Zazu' (Pink Path)

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Stage: with flowers

with flowers
Full description and specifications

Zantedeschia 'Zazu' is a spectacular variety of pink calla, appreciated for its unique flowers and abundant flowering.


  • Light: Prefers filtered light or areas with partial sun. Avoid direct exposure to the strong midday sun.
  • Temperature: It develops well in moderate temperatures, ideally between 18-24°C. It does not tolerate the cold.
  • Watering: Watering should be moderate, allowing the soil to dry easily between waterings. Avoid excess water, which can lead to rotting of the tuber.
  • Soil: It needs a well-drained soil rich in nutrients. A mixture of all-purpose soil with perlite or sand may be suitable.
  • Fertilization: You can fertilize the plant once a month during the growth period, with a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants, respecting the recommended dosage.
  • Propagation: It can be propagated by dividing the tuber at the end of winter or the beginning of spring.
  • In areas with a cold climate, Zantedeschia 'Paco' can be grown as an indoor plant or as a container plant during the winter. Bring the tuber to a sheltered place before the first frosts.
  • To extend the flowering period, it is recommended to remove the withered flowers as they pass.

Height with pots included approx. 40 cm
Pot diameter 13 cm