Vulkaponic 3-8 mm

Volcanic 3-8 mm

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Weight: 2 liters

2 liters
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Vulkaponic is a granular material of volcanic origin, used both in the compositions of some substrates and as an alternative substrate in horticulture and especially in hydroponic culture methods. This material consists mainly of volcanic rocks, such as pumice or lava, which are porous, easy to drain and have a high water and air retention capacity.

Vulkaponic is very similar to Vulkastrat. Between the two there are some differences regarding the appearance and the harvesting area, but they also have partially different properties. Vulkaponic has fewer zeolites and a lower porosity, which is why it absorbs less water and has a lower retention.

Vulkaponic has several advantages over other types of substrates, such as:

  1. Physical stability: Vulkaponic is an inert material, which does not decompose over time and does not change its structure. This means that it can be reused several times, reducing costs and impact on the environment.

  2. Good water and air retention: Thanks to its porous structure, Vulkaponic allows a good circulation of air and water around the plant roots, thus favoring healthy growth and preventing the occurrence of diseases.

  3. pH neutrality: The volcanic material is generally inert and does not affect the pH of the nutrient solution. This allows growers to more easily control the pH in hydroponic systems, thus ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth.

  4. Sterility: Vulkaponic is a sterile material, which means it does not contain weed, disease or pest seeds. This helps prevent problems in hydroponics and facilitates pest and disease control.

  5. Sustainability: Due to the fact that it is a natural material, Vulkaponic represents a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice, compared to other substrates produced from non-renewable resources or that require intensive processing.

Vulkaponic can be used in various types of hydroponic systems. It is an excellent choice for growers who want a light, durable and ecological substrate for plant culture.

Note: Bulk product - packaging is done in zip bags by our staff. It is not excluded that there may be some volume differences or a margin of error due to porosity, compaction, humidity or density of the material, but these variations are considered normal.