Vitis vinifera 'Bianca'
Vitis vinifera 'Bianca
 Vitis vinifera 'Bianca'

Grafted vine - Vitis vinifera 'Bianca' (recommended for organic crops)

45,00 lei 35,00 lei SAVE 22%

Vitis vinifera 'Bianca' - variety of Hungarian origin, developed in 1963. White Bianca grapes can be consumed fresh, but are recommended for wine production - both dry/semi-dry wine and sweet (dessert) wine can be obtained. .

The Bianca grape variety is recommended for biological (organic) crops, due to its very good resistance to diseases and pests.

Height with pots included: 65+ cm
Pot diameter: 15 cm

Note: In the autumn-winter season, the plants are sold without leaves.

Stage: 15cm pot

15cm pot

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