Comanda trandafirul de jericho, rose of jericho pret imbatabil!
Comanda trandafirul de jericho, rose of jericho pret imbatabil!

Rose of Jericho - Selaginella lepidophylla, St Mary's Rose

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Selaginella Lepidophylla, also known as Rose of Jericho, is a plant species native to the deserts of North Africa. It is a plant that can survive extreme dehydration even for months or years.
Although the most commonly used name is Jericho Rose, it is also known as: Jericho Rose, True Jericho Rose, Resurrection Plant, Our Lady's Rose, St. Mary's Flower, Mary's Flower, Dinosaur Plant.
The amazing ability of this plant is that it can survive many years without water.
A Christian tradition says that when Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was going from Judea to Egypt, she was fascinated by the behavior of the plant and blessed the plant.
It is said that a house that possesses a "Rose-of-Jericho" will be blessed.

Rehydration: For rehydration, the Rose of Jericho should be left in the saucer with warm water (see the picture on the package). The opening can start after 4 hours or more and can last up to several days. Rehydrating plants takes time and can vary depending on the conditions in each house.
In the absence of water, the plant dehydrates and goes dormant. It can stay in this stage for many years, and when it rains it rehydrates and comes back to life. This process is believed to conceal resurrection abilities that can be used to achieve various "magical" goals.

Note: The displayed price is for 1 dehydrated plant.

It is delivered in a cardboard box.